Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My first blog!

Well, I've decided that I'm going to start a blog, finally! Craig and I want to share all the fun things Wade is doing with our friends and family that live far away (and those that are close, too!). We're having such a good time watching Wade learn new things every day - it's hard to believe he's already 7 months old and crawling and learning to stand up already! He loves playing with the dogs - Daisy tolerates him and will even share her bone with him (!!) but Beamer pretty much runs away when Wade gets too close for comfort. We'll see how this changes once Wade starts dropping things from the high chair since Beamer is so crazy for people food! ha!

Here are some pictures of Wade the past months!

So, this was November 15, 2008:

And Christmas:

We took the whole pack on a beach hike when Wade was so small at Back Bay:

This was the first smile I got on film!!

This is Wade in his high chair in February...

And him in his high chair now!

Strawberry picking in May - Wade fell fast asleep!!

Wade's half birthday (with half birthday cake!!) May 14, 2009 :)

Look how big I am, Mom!!

More soon!!