Sunday, January 17, 2010

Checking in again!

Well, we've been staying pretty busy the past few weeks! We had the tiling done in our bathroom (hooray!!) and here are some before and after pictures.

Next up, Craig's working on sanding down some of the rough spots on the walls so we can paint and then we'll have the vanity and toilet installed hopefully within the week! I am SO excited to have the bathroom back, to give Wade a bath in a big tub, and mostly I just LOVE the way the tile turned out. :-)

Meghan moved to Denver last weekend and boy do we miss her. We want to plan a trip to visit her soon - I think summer would be a great time to take Wade out there!! Our new nanny was supposed to start this past Monday, but she called in sick - and found out that she has swine flu! Phew, we
were lucky that she stayed home instead of coming when she was sick. So, lucky Wade has been going to spend lots of fun playtime with Grandma Collins during the day while Craig and I work until Leah is feeling better.

I've really been enjoying my new DSLR camera - here are a couple of recent shots I've taken of my favorite subjects :)