Monday, September 12, 2011

Cute things to remember…

So my little W has come out with some CUUUUTE things lately.  The other day, I was putting Bear down for a morning nap and W came to the door, peeked in and told me, “Mom, time to sleep, I’ll be right back.  I’ll check on you.  5 minutes.”  And then he was off doing something while I finished putting his little brother to sleep.  This cracked me up since I tell him at night when I’m trying to get him staying in bed that I’ll come check on him in 5 minutes Smile

He’s also been articulating the difference between girls and boys.  he likes to tell me that I’m a girl and he’s a boy.  Sometimes he tells me “Mom, I’m a man.”  Over the weekend, we were outside coming back from a walk and taking the dogs to play fetch and he got out of the stroller and told me he was the “fastest boy in the world.”  Love it. 

First Day of School 1

Bear has started making the cutest face.  He squints his eyes and shows his teeth and throws his head back.  Sometimes this is a cheesy smile face, and other times he uses is to fake fuss.  Multipurpose expression.  Either way, it’s so cute!  He’s been working on getting some molars I think, poor guy, but is a trooper and is smiling through it all.  We’re gearing up for his first birthday believe it or not – next week my baby will be ONE!  Walking and sometimes talking (we are recognizing “words” which is pretty awesome), he’s also started not only raising a fuss when W takes a toy from him or he doesn’t get what he wants, but he is also acting very dramatic at times.  Usually when he wants me to pick him up when I’m doing something else.  He does his side-step walk to me with the fuss face.  How can I NOT pick him up??

Bear First day of School

W did GREAT at his first day at school last week, too – not a tear in sight.  He kissed me good bye, told me he loved me and told me he’d see me later!  He’s going potty there now, too and we are so proud of him!  I can’t believe he’s old enough to go to school, but gosh, he’s really getting so grown up and amazes me every day with his vocabulary and all the STUFF he knows!  Like today, he was into the word FANTASTIC.  He also serenaded (??) C and me with the ABCs and Twinkle, Twinkle using the Guitar Hero guitar.  He requested that we “sing with me!” also, and told us “good job” after we wrapped Smile  Love. Him. 

First Day of School 2

Now, the question lately around our house has centered around the minivan…to minivan or NOT to minivan?  Oh, I’m not sure I’m there yet…but I will (grudgingly) say I’m softening to its plusses, though.