Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Growing up so fast

My boys! They are growing up so, so fast.  Our W is going to Kindergarten in the fall.  We had preschool graduation at a prayer service last week and he sang his heart out in their concert.  I think he might have sung the loudest of all the kids and it was pretty awesome :)

His teachers this past year were incredible and he has learned so much.  He is reading everything he sees and even got to go read to D's class this past spring.  He was so proud (and so was I!).

D is such a little sweetheart and did so well in school this year, too.  I have to remind myself that although W is one of the older kids in his year, D is one of the youngest since he seems to keep up with W and his friends like it's no big thing.  We probably have 2 more years at PDS with him, but we'll see when he's ready for Kindergarten! He has really flourished the past 2 years in school.

Ads is quickly catching up to his brothers and it's hard to believe he's not 2 yet.  He is the one I have to watch all. the. time.  If it can happen, it will happen to him I think!  He loves to play and dance and do whatever the big boys do.  If he's going somewhere, he's running there with a big smile on his face!

This summer stretches ahead of us with nothing on the calendar really.  We are going to add a session of camp, some VBS, and plenty of beach days, I know, but for now it's nice to just BE with them.  I don't want to miss a thing and it is my hope to record a little of it all here for us to look back on one day!!

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