Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thankful Thursday

That time again!

NEW AIR CONDITIONER!  I am so happy that we got our A/C replaced.  It is hot, hot, hot this week, so it's been just in time that we have our central air back up and running.  It's an (ahem) investment to be sure, but totally worth it for this pregnant mama :)

VACATION!  We are going away as a family next weekend for a 4-day long weekend!  We're going to Emerald Isle to hang out with some friends and then to Cary to see Michael and Ashleigh and are so excited!!  The dogs are all booked for "spa" time and we're getting away :)

Vegetables!  We are starting to get some good veggies from our garden.  Craig put down some organic fertilizer last month and it really helped everything grow like crazy.  We have lots of tomatoes that will be ready soon, cucumbers, lettuce...peppers on the way, and hopefully our squash and zucchini will be ready soon, too. 

Friday Eve :)  Super glad tomorrow is Friday and looking forward to a fun weekend with my guys and dogs!

Overall, life is pretty good for this girl!   :)  Have a good day!!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Busy summer so far!

We have been BUSY!  Wade finished up his swimming lessons this past Friday and is a little fish.  He loves to swim to the steps and even started flipping over to float on his back all on his own (still not his favorite thing in the world, though).  We're looking forward to a summer of playing in the pool and practicing our swimming!!  I will be happy to be in the water as much as possible, too :)

We have had a lot of birthday parties as well the past several weeks.  Wade is having a great time with his friends at the parties and at his playgroup.  He is a sweet boy and shares so well with others, it makes me so proud. 

Our new nanny started on Friday and Wade really likes her so far.  We are very happy to be getting back on a regular schedule, that's for sure! 

I haven't been taking as many pictures recently, but will get some updates posted soon!