Saturday, May 29, 2010


Wade asked to go potty the other night!  He's definitely aware of the potty in the bathroom and I think he understands what it's for already.  On Thursday night, he brought Craig to the bathroom door, asked him to open it and then went in and said "potty."  We took his diaper off and he sat down and went potty!  So proud of my little guy - we're going to keep letting him take the lead for now, but I think we can start trying this summer - earlier than I'd even thought, but we'll take Wade's cues!!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

We love milkshakes in our house!


Daisy has figured out that she blends into the new couch - if she curls up really small, especially in one of the corners, sometimes we don't see her right away!!

And...because I couldn't resist posting this picture of Daisy after she ate some cottage cheese - note the lips tucked into the teeth :)

Water baby :)

Wade loves to play at his water table!!  This kid loves to be outside and loves the water!  He's taking infant survival swim classes right now, too - he's learning so much and doing great, even if he screams the whole time!  Today he calmed down a little bit again, though, and was clapping for himself after every float on his back and swim to the wall.  It was super cute!  He's started practicing his swimming in the bathtub, too.  Tonight he showed me his float and yes, clapped after each one he did :)

Wedding Weekend in West Palm!

We went to Lauren's wedding in West Palm Beach, Florida this month and it was absolutely beautiful!  Wade was a trooper with all the traveling, but I must admit, it's a challenge to travel with an 18 month old :)  He wanted to be everywhere looking at everything, so the plane was just soooo confining for him!  We tried some benadryl on the way home and he just passed out - after a really good fight.  But, ahhh, I'll take the snuggles whenever I can get them from my sweet little guy! 

Here are some pictures from the wedding weekend!

At the rehearsal dinner overlooking a golf course:

 I love this one of Craig and Wade!

 The wedding site at the Breakers:

With 2nd cousin Julia - dancing!!

Race car in the Charlotte Airport!!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Vegetable Garden!!

We've gotten our vegetable garden planted!  I am very happy with it and can't wait to start harvesting :)  Pictures to come, but so far, we have tomatoes (cherry and better boy), zucchini, cucumbers, bell peppers, lettuce, basil, rosemary (transplant that I grew from seeds in Arlington!!), parsley, cilantro, and for Wade - a blueberry plant! are some early pictures - our tomatoes are taking off and we'll have a bunch soon!  Can't wait for our first "harvest" - I'm already loving our organic garden!!

No more bottles...

Wish us luck - we are attempting to take the bottle away!  Wade has been a little under the weather and the nurse recommended no milk till he was better.  So we decided to seize the opportunity and took his bottles away over the weekend.  He has only been drinking milk out of bottles and refuses milk out of cups. 

It's going...okay.  Wade isn't drinking any milk and I'm worried about that, but with all the bottles out of sight and packed away, we are hoping that he will start to forget about them.  He was only have 2 a day - before his nap and before bedtime.  I hope he will get back to drinking his milk!!  I am trying every sippy cup I can find for him!!!

Keep your fingers crossed for us!  I am willing myself to stay strong and not give in since I hate to see him so upset when I know what will make him feel all better.  :(