Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Definitely am going to need to see this!!

By the way, I’m not doing so great with my running streak…it’s been hard to fit it in lately.  But, I did run the dogs up to the vet today instead of driving, so that was a small little victory, right??  And I’ve been doing about every OTHER day.  Still with the goal to get back to every day…I mean, a mile, that’s like 10 minutes or less, why is it so difficult?

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


So today, when several pieces of chocolate did not help my mood or anxiety (WHAT??! who am I?), I laced up my running shoes and headed out.  I knew I wasn’t going to get anything at all done and was just going to wallow in my stress and get more spun up if I didn’t do SOMEthing. 

Lo and behold, I felt better just 10 minutes into my run.  Some days, it is almost the moment I step out and turn on the iPod that I feel relief, but days like today, I needed a little more time to shake it all out.  I wasn’t sure how long or far I’d go when I started.  I felt like I needed to run for about 2 days to clear all the crap outta my head…but I settled for about 4 miles at a decent (for me) pace. 

As I was running, I decided I should jump in on Runners World’s Holiday Running Streak.  Basically, it challenges us to get out and run at least a mile every day between now and New Year’s.  It actually started on Thanksgiving, so I’m a little late to the party, but I can still get in a 26-day streak since I started today!  It’ll be good for me, and a mile is easy to do with just a couple loops around the neighborhood.  My faithful running companions will be grateful, too. 

Doggies Collage BW

My midday runs are great since I don’t need to push the double jogging stroller, but my time is limited since I need to get back to work.  My goal is to get to the place where I do a couple 4-6 mile runs during the week, 1 3-mile run to work on speed work, and then maybe a longer run on the weekend if I can fit it in.  Then start training for a half marathon after the first of the year.  My streaking is going to be a good start for that, huh??

Remind me when I forget…I NEED this time.  It makes me a happier, more patient, and more productive human being Smile  Um… hello New Year’s Resolution for me this year!!

W at Three…

Oh little Dubs, you are so much fun and such a challenge at the same time!  You are such a charmer and say the sweetest things to me (thank you to the hubs who teaches him this cuteness!) like:

“mommy, you a gorgeous pretty flower”

“mommy, I lub you THIS MUCH!!”

“don’t leave, hold my hand” (when putting him to bed)

“I want to be mommy’s bear cub (sounds like bear tub)” – which means he wants to snuggle up on the couch and watch TV with us (further postponing bedtime, the sly thing!)

“I need to say sweet dreams daddy”

“oh! I got an idea! Hmmm…(with finger to chin)” Me: What’s your idea??”  W: “I not know”  (this is a favorite thing he says…I not know instead of I don’t know.  I smile every time!)

“I’m spooning mommy” – yes, he knows this!

AND, our little one says his blessing before meals and prayers before bed!  Sometimes with a little encouragement, but sometimes he says the whole thing all by himself and I love it so much.  Most times he says, “keep you hands together….Dear God, thank you for….(usually what’s in front of him, or he says “bless mommy, daddy, wade, drew…)”  Absolutely precious.

He is getting SO independent (“let ME do it”) and really likes to do things on his own and for himself, even if it might entail scaling the refrigerator to get the fruit snacks we stashed on top of it “out of reach.” True story. Just this week!

He loves school and talks about his friends more and more each week.

He is VERY excited to have SANTA come this year and we are looking forward to a visit at the mall hopefully this weekend. 

We are continuing to work on listening and not being too rough or mean to his little brother.  Poor bear gets shoved down multiple times a day, sat on, squeezed, yelled at…but he has started to give it right back and is one tough 1-year-old.  I won’t lie that some days I just don’t know what to do about it all.  I try not to get discouraged by the bad behavior and am working to educate myself on some different approaches and strategies to respond to the behavior a little more effectively so we don’t become broken records, always correcting the. same. things.

We’ll get there…I’m encouraged by what I’ve been reading recently that it’s not an insurmountable behavioral situation we have on our hands and with some adjustments to our own interactions with W, I think we’ll be able to restore the peace and encourage better listening and cooperation skills.  Keep your fingers crossed for us!!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Halloween Post

FINALLY getting around to my Halloween post.  We had a great time at the neighborhood parade!  I think the pictures speak for themselves…love my little Woody and Buzz!!



Thursday, November 3, 2011

Toddler, Preschooler, or Weimaraner?

I think on an almost daily basis about how my kids and dogs have rather a lot in common…so thought this post would be fun.  Try to guess what matches to what…

Bear Collage TV

Must be taken to the bathroom?

Whines when wanting something?

Cranky when hungry or tired?

Monster mess maker?

Sneaks into bed with us after we’re asleep?

Dislikes being alone?

Needs fresh air and a TON of exercise daily, or else?

Doggies Collage BW

Must be occupied or will get into trouble?

Loves to kick back on the couch and relax or watch TV?

Always curious about what mom and dad are doing?

Follows me into the bathroom, or anywhere else I go?

Dislikes taking medicine?

Likes to play in dirt and water?

Gets impatient when not getting all my undivided attention?

Sneaky when doing something that’s a definite (known) no-no?

W collage Oct2011

If you guessed all 3 for ALL OF THE ABOVE, you are so right Smile  There’s never a dull moment around here, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!!

Daisy and Boys Collage

Monday, October 31, 2011

My kids are so cute!

W had his first school pictures this year in preschool and I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect.  We were able to go early in the morning, before school, to have a picture taken with little brother as well, so of course we did that, too.  It was hectic, and Bear took his shoes and socks off and DID. NOT. want them back on, but check out the incredible proofs we got…I melt!

(click the picture to see it bigger)

Sorry that the scan is all crooked, I was moving fast Smile
Another hectic day in our house, with lots to do, unfortunately no more time for talking (typing), but I just had to share these before sending the proofs back for our order today! 

Wicked good time :)

We had a great time!  Didn't dress up this year (too much else going on and I didn't get it together!) but there were a TON of awesome costumes!!  Blue Moon and chili in a bread bowl at the finish, delicious.  This race is definitely one I want to do every year :)  Looking forward to the next one!  

Official time was 1:01..better than we thought initially, and I'm more than happy with it!  Next 10K (on Thanksgiving day), I hope to finish under an hour.  Time to work in a little speedwork!!  

Happy Halloween!!!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Being Mommy is HARD!

Like those days where I have to take my kids for shots.  I HATE that.  Even though I  know it’s for the best and will keep them safe from nasty sicknesses.  I still feel so terrible knowing that I’m taking these sweet little innocent faces that are so trusting of me to the doctor knowing full well that they are going to get stuck.  The looks in their eyes when it happens seriously breaks my heart.
I feel kinda bad when I say no to cookies and ice cream for breakfast (or dinner, or lunch) when W asks in his polite voice and tells me I’m a gorgeous pretty flower (yes, he tells me that! Hubs taught him, is that super cute or what?!).  But I know if I give in just ONE time, it’s all over and he’ll want cookies and ice cream for every meal!  With both boys, I am trying to get them to eat real, healthy food at mealtimes rather than snack their appetites away like they’d prefer.  Just as W is starting to maybe branch out a little, Bear is getting to be pickier…sigh.  It’s just a phase…I know it now!

This one is a toughie – not giving in to a tantrum.  Some days, when I’m especially tired, or preoccupied, or needing to get something done, it’s so hard to stop and make sure I don’t let the tantrum win.  I mean, I WANT to give my boys everything, but we can’t let them think whining or throwing a fit means they get their way. That wouldn’t be doing them any favors at all, would it??  Giving W a timeout and having him sniffle at me: “Mommy, you’re being so MEAN” is a tough blow some days! 

Crying it out nearly brought me to my knees.  More so for Bear than W.  I think the approach worked better overall for W.  Bear didn’t start sleeping through the night till 9 months.  And then I had to let him cry in the wee hours of the morning since I knew if I went in there, he just wanted me to hold him.  He’d nurse for about a minute, then fall right back asleep, but of course would wake up and cry when I tried to put him down.  Although I think he’s better about putting himself to sleep, even if he does cry for 30 seconds or so before snuggling in. 

Working. The biggie.  I am very, very blessed to work from home full time.  I like my job and my coworkers very much. I am thankful to have this identity as a professional woman in addition to being MOMMY.  I love that I can see my boys anytime during the day and can take W to and from preschool.  But it’s hard, too, since I would really like to be able to do playgroups with my mommy friends, take the boys fun places during the day, go to the beach or on picnics.  I think this is on my mind a bit more right now since Bear is especially clingy and affectionate with me lately.  He misses me even when I’m just down the hall and literally runs to me when I come out of my office.  But I just remind myself that I have a fantastic working situation, but that being a mommy to these 2 little angels and wife to my dear hubby is the most important job in the world.  So every time I think (fret) about it, I recommit to being the best wife and mommy I can be and making sure they know how important they are to me every single day.

So, that said, I’m going to kiss my boys (all 3 of them!) and say a prayer of thanks for how blessed I am!  Thanks for reading, and I hope you’ll share your own thoughts and feelings in the comments below, too!

Just when I worry…

That I’m not keeping up with the domestic side of things very well…like, say, washing the windows…something happens that makes me feel like I’m not letting things go quite as badly as I thought.  I’m sitting here working and yes, there are some smudges on the windows here next to me, but apparently NOT ENOUGH smudges to keep a bird from flying straight into the window just now.  Yes, now I’m most definitely awake!!  Poor bird; I saw feathers fly, but it seems to have flown off even after the um, mis-fly?

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Another fun birthday shot

Photo: RSutherland Photography

Displaying Kids’ Artwork

I’ve seen this done in lots of places and have been really wanting to create a display wall for W’s art now that he’s so into doing projects here at home and is bringing home cute things from school, too.  Since we have pretty much converted our old dining area into a playroom for the boys’ toys, I figured that would be the ideal place to do it! 

art wall

I took the boys up to Lowe’s to get the supplies – first I looked for some cute drawer pulls that I could use as the anchors, but didn’t find anything I loved.  So, I decided on some simple eye hooks and instead of silver picture wire, I used some clear line…(not sure what you’d call it, it’s not bendy like wire, and is much thicker than fishing line).  To be honest, the clear line was a real pain to work with and tough to get tied around the eye hooks.  But I love the end result.  I used some blue plastic clothespins for now till I can find some clips that are more fun (or paint some plain ones fun colors maybe).  I love how this fills up the wall and makes it so cheerful, and super love how proud W is to see his artwork on display in our house!

Gotta wrap up work for the day and go hang with some friends who just got to town, so I’ll leave you with this:  I saw this cuteness happening last night and it made me smile.  I grabbed the camera to capture it…

caught reading

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Hi again!  Apologies in advance for the lack of pictures in this post.  I haven’t taken any new ones so far this week (lazy, probably; busy, definitely!) and I apparently have things to say, pictures or not Smile

So, I love fall and am super excited for the cooler weather.  BUT, with the change of seasons and general lack of sleep that has seemingly become my new norm, I’m afraid I’ve gotten a cold.  BOO!  Definitely going through the tissues and am thinking soup sounds just right for dinner tonight. 

Anyway, that basically means my running has not been happening as planned.  I am hoping after a good night’s sleep tonight and some more tea, I will be ready to knock out 3 miles tomorrow morning first thing.  I need to be ready to run a 10K by the end of the month.  I feel good with 4 miles right now, so totally doable.  AND, I figure since I’ll be running for the first time in costume, it’s not meant to be a PR kinda race Winking smile  At least not for this girl!

Apart from the sniffles and sneezes and lack of running, things are going pretty well.  W is still loving school, but is starting to challenge us some.  Literally.  Like he wants to make sure we really do mean what we say.  I am hopeful that a little more one-on-one attention will help and am brainstorming craft ideas for him since he loves to do “projects.”  I found a great website/blog for some ideas and signed up for their emails so I can get little reminders and new ideas.  Go check out Play At Home Mom if you get a chance, it’s a great site!

Hubby and I celebrated our 5-year anniversary last week!  We went out to a fantastic dinner to celebrate and I was excited to get dressed up.  We had some good wine, delicious seafood, and then went for a dessert martini at the “neighborhood bar.”  (Literally, it’s in our neighborhood just about.  We could bike or walk)  It’s so hard to believe that it’s been 5 years already!  A lot of fun stuff has happened in these last 5 years Smile 

We are getting excited for Halloween here at our house, too.  W has decided that he’s going to be Woody, Bear will be Buzz, I will be Jessie, and Daddy will be Buzz.  Actually, he said Bear would be Rex the dinosaur, but finding a Rex costume for a 1 year old isn’t happening.  So, we decided he could be Buzz, too.  Not sure if hubby and I will invest in the adult versions of these costumes since they are pretty pricey…I will be ordering the costumes ASAP and you’d better believe pictures will be up as soon as I get my boys into those cute outfits! 

Have a great night, y’all!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Live Writer and My Fave...Rockin Green

Couple of thoughts on something new to me and something that I can't get enough of...

I just started using Live Writer for my blog composing (although not using it now since this is a quickie...) and I am a really big fan of how easy it is.  Especially for inserting pictures!  I'm glad I've found it and am definitely going to continue to use it for most of my posts.  I am still getting familiar, so I'm sure there's more I can do with it that I don't even know yet!

And...another plug for my favorite detergent ever...Rockin Green!  I bought it initially for Bear's cloth diapers.  Then I found other uses for it around the house.  But when we washed a new Hokie tie dyed shirt we got for W and it bled on some of the other (dark) clothes, I decided to give "rocking a soak" a try.  You know you're a mom/housewife/getting old when the fact that it ERASED the stains on all but 1 thing and took it mostly out of the last thing is the thrill of the day.  

Oh yes, I was a happy girl!

Hey…remember me?

Well, it’s been a little while guys.  I’m sorry to have taken a little hiatus from this blog, but I needed to take some time to breathe and regroup.  I think I’m ready to jump back in now, though!!
So, to catch up on things, here’s what’s been happening with the team…

W started preschool 3 mornings a week last month and is absolutely loving it.  He loves his teachers and is excited to go and see his friends.  He’s doing so well with his potty, too.  Accidents are fewer and farer (?) between these days, although we are still doing pull-ups for sleeping.  Partially (ok, mostly) because mommy is lazy and doesn’t want to deal with changing the sheets all the time Winking smile
W Smiles
Bear is now a full-fledged walker.  He’s now trying to RUN, too.  He babbles a lot and is still such a little lover and gives lots and lots of hugs (yay!). He loves, loves, loves his daddy; sometimes no one else will do!  It’s the sweetest thing to see him starting to play more with W.  Nobody makes him laugh harder than his brother.  And this one, just like W and mommy, has a huge sweet tooth.  Particular weakness for Oreos, just like daddy…

Bear turned ONE on September 21 and we had loads of icing with a little cake to celebrate.  
Cupcake Hi

And we went to our favorite photographer friend, Rachel from RSutherland Photography for a little birthday session:
Happy Birthday Drew
(I guess he likes to wave! I didn’t realize till I uploaded both of these that he was in both!! Smile)

The fur kids are also keeping us on our toes.  Daisy was back in for surgery to remove some potentially malignant tumors last month and is recovering well.  Keeping both dogs from pulling at the stitches was a challenge; Beamer also wanted to “help” by getting them out of her.  So, poor little girl had to wear the Cone of Shame for about a week, pretty much 24/7.  I tell you what, once those stitches were gone, she was ready to GO.  Next up, later this month, Beamer needs his teeth cleaned…

I’m slowly easing back into my running routine.  It was a little hard to be away from it, but a much needed break for my body.  The dogs are pretty thrilled I’m back to it, though.  And the weather is pretty perfect for running right now…a nice welcome back for all of us!  We signed up to run the Wicked 10K here on October 29 and we think we might be an angel (me) and devil (hubs), and I am hoping to work a tutu in there somehow!  It will be our first time running it, so I’m looking forward to this one.  Good food and good beer after the race…always a nice incentive Smile

Hubby and I went to Blacksburg for the Hokies-Clemson game last weekend and it was so much fun!  We met some new friends, caught up with old friends, passed out some SpiritFingerz, tailgated, and even got to sleep in since the boys stayed with their grandparents.  It was a great getaway, and much needed!

I’m also working on my photography “practice” again a little more.  I hope to get a new, upgraded lens for my camera sometime soon but I’m practicing with the settings more again and getting the feel for it again.  It doesn’t hurt that I pretty much have the cutest subjects on the planet!!

Hold on to your hats…get ready for fall and lots more Team Collins updates!!
Bear Bday with W

Monday, September 12, 2011

Cute things to remember…

So my little W has come out with some CUUUUTE things lately.  The other day, I was putting Bear down for a morning nap and W came to the door, peeked in and told me, “Mom, time to sleep, I’ll be right back.  I’ll check on you.  5 minutes.”  And then he was off doing something while I finished putting his little brother to sleep.  This cracked me up since I tell him at night when I’m trying to get him staying in bed that I’ll come check on him in 5 minutes Smile

He’s also been articulating the difference between girls and boys.  he likes to tell me that I’m a girl and he’s a boy.  Sometimes he tells me “Mom, I’m a man.”  Over the weekend, we were outside coming back from a walk and taking the dogs to play fetch and he got out of the stroller and told me he was the “fastest boy in the world.”  Love it. 

First Day of School 1

Bear has started making the cutest face.  He squints his eyes and shows his teeth and throws his head back.  Sometimes this is a cheesy smile face, and other times he uses is to fake fuss.  Multipurpose expression.  Either way, it’s so cute!  He’s been working on getting some molars I think, poor guy, but is a trooper and is smiling through it all.  We’re gearing up for his first birthday believe it or not – next week my baby will be ONE!  Walking and sometimes talking (we are recognizing “words” which is pretty awesome), he’s also started not only raising a fuss when W takes a toy from him or he doesn’t get what he wants, but he is also acting very dramatic at times.  Usually when he wants me to pick him up when I’m doing something else.  He does his side-step walk to me with the fuss face.  How can I NOT pick him up??

Bear First day of School

W did GREAT at his first day at school last week, too – not a tear in sight.  He kissed me good bye, told me he loved me and told me he’d see me later!  He’s going potty there now, too and we are so proud of him!  I can’t believe he’s old enough to go to school, but gosh, he’s really getting so grown up and amazes me every day with his vocabulary and all the STUFF he knows!  Like today, he was into the word FANTASTIC.  He also serenaded (??) C and me with the ABCs and Twinkle, Twinkle using the Guitar Hero guitar.  He requested that we “sing with me!” also, and told us “good job” after we wrapped Smile  Love. Him. 

First Day of School 2

Now, the question lately around our house has centered around the minivan…to minivan or NOT to minivan?  Oh, I’m not sure I’m there yet…but I will (grudgingly) say I’m softening to its plusses, though. 

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Need your patience...

things are a little crazy right now...i will be back to blogging more hopefully very soon!  

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Change in plans

I debated about writing this post for a while...which is why I've been a little MIA.  I felt like if I wrote it and hit publish, it was a final decision and I wasn't sure I was okay with that yet.  But here goes, final answer:

So, things change.  I'm trying to roll with it...
After some very challenging training runs, I have decided to listen to my body and bow out of my half and full marathons this fall.  I'd be lying if I said I wasn't super bummed out about this, but at the same time, I know there will be other races and I will just give myself the rest I need now and then get back into my training when my body can cooperate with me!  Head/heart and body were on 2 different pages when it came to running this summer.  Mentally I was completely there, ready to train for and run my first marathon (with a half along the way), even if I was a little anxious.  I think it would be weird if I wasn't a little anxious about running 26.2 miles, right?!?   
Anyway, I pushed through some of the worst summer heat and humidity for some grueling and slower runs, and thought I was coming into the home stretch when my dead legs and cramping stomach let me know in no uncertain terms that this running thing was NOT happening for us right now.  Dealing with some shin splints and a little pain was one thing, but this message was loud and I (eventually) listened.  Even though I tried to ignore it for a little while and pretend each time I went out for a run that things would be different *this time.*  

I'm still going to go to the expo and pick up my shirt and goodie bag, though :-)  I'll be back, you can count on that!  In the meantime, we'll have more time for family fun this fall!!  (yaaay fall...!)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Picture catch-up

just a few pics from the past few weeks...

"pretty flower mommy"
Hey!  I'm getting teeth, lots of 'em!! :)
mr. serious. My artsy picture!
I see you!

dinner helper


...and stay tuned.  I finally figured out my problem in uploading pictures to my new computer.  It was the cord.  So, I used a different one and voila!! - works like a dream :)  Why didn't I try this sooner??  Pictures to come of recent home-life adventures, probably later tonight.

In the meantime, an update on my training since I know you're just dying to know!  C and I did 10 miles on trails Saturday and it. was. rough.  On me at least.  It started after my 5 miler a week ago, and I just was struggling, so I took an extra rest day ahead of the 10 miler.  I still had trouble Saturday, rested 2 more days, and had a tough run yesterday (3 miles).  I was feeling defeated.  BUT, I did some reading of inspirational stories and set out today with the mentality that I'd take it easy, be mindful to keep my pace slower (wore the Garmin), and see how it goes.  

MUCH better experience all around today.  So glad my body and mind are in sync again today and hope they stay that way at least through race time!!  I can't tell you what a relief it was to complete my 3 miles, having run it all, albeit slower than my normal pace.  It was such the mental boost I needed to regain my confidence. And running really is so mental, isn't it? 

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Why Run?

In the midst of a very busy week last week, I managed to fit in over 17 miles.  WOW!  If you had told me 2 years ago that I would run that far in a month, much less a week, I'd have thought you were smokin' something funny.  So, since I had some time to reflect Sunday morning at dawn when I was out running my 8.5 miler, I started thinking about all the reasons I have come to love running.  Here are a few...

  1. It keeps me in shape (duh)
  2. I have great running buddies (and motivators) in my dogs
  3. I love being able to get outside (yeah, even when it's hot and humid) for fresh air
  4. It keeps me sane...that is a half hour or hour (or two coming up!) that I can just be with myself.  Sometimes I think about life, sometimes I think about what I will post on the blog next, and sometimes I don't think about a damn thing!  
  5. I like the challenge it gives me physically to compete with myself - to see if I can run faster or farther than last time
  6. Fit mom = strong mom = happy mom.  I like being active with my kids and being fit and strong allows me to be without even thinking about it.
  7. I love the feeling on a long run when I have about 2 miles left and I know I'm going to make it to the finish.  Sounds obvious, but I get a little surge of pride about that time that pushes me to finish strong. 
I have NOT figured out (or had time to mess with it) how to get my new computer to recognize my camera.  We had a busy weekend at a soccer tournament and birthday celebration here so I didn't have any time to work on that over the weekend.  I hope to later this week so I can post up some new pics SOON. Thanks for hanging in there till I figure it all out!!

What's the best thing you get out of your exercise of choice?  What keeps you coming back again and again?

Do you think exercising is addictive?  Do you ever feel like something's missing from your day/week when you can't fit a workout in, or don't get to do as many?

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Pictures, schmictures...

Seriously, I finally got a new computer and I cannot figure out how to get it to recognize my camera to transfer pictures.  Really??  I mean, this should not be so difficult!

Anyway, I was trying to show you what I did yesterday on my run...but since I can't get the picture onto the new fangled computer machine, I will paint a picture with words for you :)  Wednesday is trash day here.  I was running down the main road where people put their cans on the little grassy median between sidewalk and road.  Invariably the trash truck leaves many of the cans tipped over and blocking the entire sidewalk.  Well, I approached one such tipped can and decided to go around to the left side (street side).  Daisy and Beamer were HUGGING my left side due to the road noise next to them and even though I thought I was clear, I just nailed the wheel of the trashcan with my right quad.  I let out a dramatic "Ouch!" but kept going.  I came home and looked down to find a softball-sized welt, half dirt, half bruise.  I'll get a picture of the battle scar up soon, once I can figure out my technology.

You can just call me Grace :)

Out of shape? Or...

Today: 4 miles / 38:17 / 9:34 pace
Wednesday: 3 miles / 9:15 pace
Monday: 7.15 miles / 10:45 pace

I'm going to try and put my runs at the top of my first (or only?) post of the day again...that catches me up for the week so far!

So lately I have been really trying hard not to be down on myself about my S-L-O-W pace on my runs.  I know I can run faster than a 9:15-9:30 mile!!  I was pondering the reason I've been slow on my runs this morning (out of the house before 6am! I FINALLY did it!) and I figure it's either I'm not fueling properly (likely), out of shape (less likely, given my increasing miles over the past few months), or it's just waaaayyyy too hot/humid outside these days (well, we know that's the case with 80% humidity and 80* at 5:30am).  Even though I know it's pretty unlikely I'm losing my fitness, and I know in my head that I need to take it slower in this "heat dome" as they call it on the news, I'm not gonna lie, it still kinda bums me out that I'm not able to run at the pace I would like to. My legs will just only go so fast, no matter how much I tell them how svelte and strong they are...

So, that all said (whined?), I am committing to paying more attention to how I fuel both before and after my runs for the next several months while I keep trotting towards my marathon in November. I made myself a nice protein smoothie after my run this morning with soy milk, protein powder, half a frozen banana and a tablespoon of peanut butter.  Yummy!  I drank almost all of it before Beamer started helping himself.  Seriously, nothing is out of this dog's reach.  Nothing. Even when you think your food is safely out of reach, it's just not.  Ever.

Does anyone have any good fueling tips for me??  

Do you find it difficult to adjust your training for the weather?  Does it affect you mentally at all?

Thursday, July 28, 2011

3 down, 1 to go...

I finished my 3 3-milers for the week!  Now just have my 7-7.5 mile run this weekend left to do.  I usually really enjoy my time to run, and I am still looking forward to getting out there for some "me" time, but it is tough with the summer heat/humidity just the same.  I went out at just after 7 this morning with the whole team - both boys and both dogs.  The air was thick, it was very hot, very humid, and I took it slow and settled into a nice pace.  I didn't have the Garm with me today since it was charging, and I also didn't want to think too much about pace since I knew I needed to just go slow and listen to what my body needed to do to finish the miles today.  One more run closer to my half marathon and marathon goals!!

Thank goodness for day 2 eye makeup today...totally did not have (or take) the time to beautify.  I came home, iced the shins (still feeling just a little lame for icing after only 3 miles, but hey, it keeps me going and that's what matters, right?), drank down 2 tall glasses of ice water, then had to hop in the shower, try to stop sweating through use of some major mind-over-matter, get W ready, and pack both boys up to take W to his first day of "school."  He officially starts preschool in September, but we decided to help him ease into it by doing a little morning program at a daycare up the street on Tuesday and Thursday for the month of August.  

Yeah, this is going to be a LOT harder for me than him I think - and harder for me than I even anticipated!  I slipped out once he started exploring his classroom since I didn't want to make it a big deal and have him get all worked up again, but I have some HUGE guilt for not kissing him goodbye and I've been compulsively checking the time, waiting for 11:45 when I'll leave to go get him!  I can't wait to hear how it went and give him a big hug :)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Ice, Ice Baby

Is it completely ridiculous to ice after a 3 mile run?  'Cause that's just what I did today - and it made a HUGE difference after today's run. I was SOOOO sore and stiff after finishing my short run today and after ice, an ice bath (yep, did both), and a warm shower, I was pretty much feeling back to normal.  Sweet!

W tended to me while I borrowed his Elmo boo-boo buddies to ice down after a hot 3-miler late this morning.  Tonight he brought me all the ice packs from the freezer, too.  He's such a sweet little dude.
Mama had a fun night out with the girls for margaritas tonight and now I gotta set the coffee pot for the morning and cart myself off to bed.
Another 3-miler tomorrow morning, then REST on Friday!  I'm taking the dogs with me tomorrow - just need to drag out of the house early enough to beat the heat for an easy run!!
We're headed to see Sublime and 311 tomorrow night - takes me back to high school and I. Can't. Wait. :)  That reminds me - I have to charge the battery in my "little" camera so I can capture the fun times in the 757 tomorrow night!!

Can I get a yee-ha?


We are super excited today to have had our old, rotting, ugly deck TORN DOWN :)  We will be enjoying our new deck this weekend and I am beyond thrilled!!  No more exposed nails, rotting wood, soft spots that give when you step on them, or wonky stairs.  AND, we are having a fence put in to create a little dog run on the side of the house to contain the poo (we hope).  Yee-ha!! (yes, we've been watching a lot of Toy Story and W has a little crush on Jessie, so we are saying a lot of yee-ha in our house)

We had some good supervision today as they worked on the demo...
Both boys were curious all day about what was going on out there...
Can you believe how big Bear is getting??  He's pushing his walking toys all over the place like a pro now, it's not going to be long before he's walking ON HIS OWN.  In the words of W, holy moly cow.

Running with Dogs

I came across this (kinda old) NYT article recently and absolutely agree with it - dogs are such good motivation to get out and run!  My two are infinitely better behaved when they are tired out and they love, love, love to go running! There are definitely some days where the only thing that gets me off my butt is the desire to have well-behaved Weims!  Poor dogs are getting left behind a little more often with the heat and humidity we're having right now, but I still take them whenever the weather cooperates.  They even know when I've put on running gear and start dancing around the house with excitement :)
Tired and happy, a win for everyone :)

I have a plan!

Howdy y'all!  I must say, I am feeling SO much better today after spending a little time revisiting and revising my training plan for the rest of the summer and into the fall.  I am such a list-maker...I make lists of lists, and have to make new lists when they start to feel disorganized.  And all this must be on paper, I do not do this electronically...yet.  Maybe one day I will enter the technology age with some new-fangled gadgets like a smart phone or iPad :)  Maybe I'll get crazy and start tweeting, too!

Anyway, I found that I am in a good place to start midway into a Hal Higdon novice marathon training plan and I mapped it to a calendar and (cue the hallelujia chorus) it all worked out *just right* on the dates for both the half marathon on 9/4 AND the full marathon on 11/12.

This week, I need to do 3 miles each on Tues, Weds, Thurs, rest, and then 7 miles this weekend.  I like that there are 3 shorter runs during the week and rest on Monday, Friday, and sometimes Sunday (or cross training, which I'm thinking will be something fun with the family!).  I'm feeling good and very optimistic about this plan and my way ahead towards my first marathon now!  

Monday, July 25, 2011

Sunday recap

Since the heat is still keeping me from running outside, I decided to hit the gym for my long run yesterday on the treadmill.  I haven't run on a treadmill in over a year!  I got there, set up on the 'mill and started off at a pretty decent pace.  Amazing how it's easier in the A/C without all the outside factors! About 10 minutes into my 7-8 miler, I heard "Attention members.  The gym will be closing in 15 minutes."  Shoot. Apparently I didn't remember (or pay attention to) our gym's Sunday hours.  I thought I had at least an hour and a half to do my run.  Oops.

So, since I wasn't going to get my long run in, I quickly upped my pace for a tempo run as consolation.  Dudes, I ran my fastest mile...maybe EVER.  Sub-8 minute!  I was in a good zone, and it felt challenging but it wasn't killing me or anything.  
THEN, since I took all of 25 minutes total at the gym, I was able to do my grocery shopping for the week on the way home - bonus!  I grabbed everything we needed for our week's menu and headed home.  
Of course I look like this when I grocery shop!
Ahhh, relaxed with the family (SILs came over to hang, too), enjoyed a Sunday margarita, made some dinner, and fell happily into bed last night.  Gonna do my long run today - probably on the treadmill since it felt too good to get out of bed early this morning.  W finally got me up by going to help himself in the kitchen...never know what he is going to get himself into if left to his own devices for too long :)  See exhibit A from several months ago...

Gotta get the day started, a meeting at lunchtime, run, trip for dog food...busy Monday ahead.  :)

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Just Kidding!

Well, it was a nice thought...

Heat index of 90 as the sun came up, the air thick with humidity and wildfire smoke from NC...I'm gonna have to either rest or find some time to get to the gym for a treadmill run today (and try both little ones out at the gym's daycare??).  If I'm not even going to take the boys outside to ride in a stroller in this weather, it's probably not smart for me to run in this weather.  Just thinkin out loud here...

Wish me luck with all that...stay cool.

Friday, July 22, 2011

The Heat Goes On...

Y'all, it is HOT!!!

I ran yesterday morning first thing before we headed off for a day at the waterpark with the boys.  I knew I'd be feeling super anxious about my training if I didn't get a run in yesterday, but I was definitely lacking motivation to get out in that humidity.  I was oh-so-proud of myself for sucking it up and doing it, though!

Slowed my pace a bit and took a couple walk breaks in an effort to be smart about it and all.  Next time I'm definitely bringing my water, even if I'm just doing a shorter run.  Poor hounds are going to have to stay home more with the heat - they just get too hot and dehydrated and I feel guilty for bringing them, even though they make such a fuss if I consider lacing up the running shoes and leaving them behind.  Whiners.

We had an awesome time at the waterpark, it was a perfect day for it!!  Bear and I were actually on the news - Suri Crow saw him in a little baby swing splashing around in the water and having a ball and fell in love with him (I mean, really, how can you NOT) and wanted to put him on TV.  
So we were on the 6:00 news last night in a story about the heatwave - we're all famous and stuff!

 My goal for the next couple of days (yay, weekend!!) is a short run tomorrow morning and then my long run Sunday at the crack of dawn.  I think tomorrow I'll probably take the double BOB and the faithful running dogs with me so hubby can sleep in a little.  He's out hootin' and hollerin' tonight :)  

I need to work on being better at hauling myself out of bed early enough to beat the heat (at least a little) and get my run in first thing.  Lately I kind of stink at that.  I need to get tough and let Bear work it out for himself and get back to sleep in the middle of the night, but I guess I'm so used to stumbling into his room, feeding him, and rocking him back to sleep that I'm there before I even realize!  That and I'm a super softie... 

Well, speaking of sleep, since I can, I'm going to take myself to bed now so I can get up for my run :)  Maybe if you sweet talk me you'll luck out tomorrow and get another sweaty post-run pic!!