Thursday, April 21, 2011

"Run Errands Mommy"

Wade says this when I go out for a run and it's the cutest!  Usually he will amend it and say Mommy go running which is just as cute!  I am getting back into my regular training now (yay!) and have some goals ahead of me (other than tiring our our dogs - tired Weims are good Weims).  First up is a 5K locally here next month.  Then we are thinking of heading out to Boulder Labor Day weekend to run (hubs is planning to run the full marathon, me the half) - depends on hubby's knee, though - he's heading to the doctor tomorrow to check out what's going on with it.  I figure we'll know soon enough that I can sign up for the Rock & Roll half here if we end up not traveling for the race!  And then, you ready for this?  I'm planning to sign up for the Richmond Marathon this November.  That's right - I am going to do it!  I'm ready to take the leap into marathons (gulp).  I'm getting pretty pumped about it honestly!  I know it will mean a LOT of training, but hey we've done this before since hubs has run 3 marathons in the past year and a half :-)

I'm going to blog about my runs, too, hope ya'll don't mind!  Today I went out for a run and wasn't sure how long I'd go.  3-4 I was thinking.  But then I felt so good that I thought I'd run down some of the side streets on my route for a change of scenery, so I looked it up when I got home and I did 4.5.  (3 years ago if you'd told me I would so casually tack on a half mile, I'd have thought you were dreaming!)  It was a good day for it with cooler temps and I was able to pull off a faster pace than usual . Mind you, I am at best a jogger, but it is my hope that once I start running more and training regularly, I can increase my pace little by little!

Feel free to leave some inspiration for me in comments.  I'll update my training progress...should be starting in June for my half marathon training in earnest!  (yay)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Baby Food

Drew started baby food a couple of months ago now...we had a little interlude when he had croup where he didn't do anything but nurse, but we've been through rice and oatmeal so far (he likes oatmeal much more than rice!) and I have been trying different organic, store-bought foods.  I made most all of Wade's baby purees, but I wanted to try out some combinations with Drew, so I started with some organics from the store.

Well, today I made my first purees for the little bee.  I made sweet peas (plain), blueberry mango, and roasted pear/banana and froze them in cubes.  I had some extra pear/banana that didn't fit in our freezer trays, so I gave him some tonight for dinner.  HE. LOVED. IT.  Seriously, this was good stuff.  Easy-peasy recipe, too, from a new favorite site, Weelicious.  Even though he was a little overly tired, he couldn't stop looking for more.  I tried it while I was making it and it really is delicious (and made the house smell yummy while I was roasting the fruit, too...bonus!).  I'm thinking it might have to be a go-to topping for yogurt and oatmeal for the rest of us actually since I'm sure Wade and Craig will like it, too :)

I can't believe I forgot how easy it is to make baby food - I'm back on the horse again!  But for when we do eat on the run, I'm a huge fan of the little pouches (Plum Baby, Ella's Kitchen, Happy Baby, etc), especially since now boon makes spoons to screw onto the pouches for super easy on-the-go feeding.  Their foods are yummy and don't have any un-pronouncable words in them - just the fruit or veggie. 

All for now.  Bath time :) (Wade, not me)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wade loves ducklings

We had pictures with ducklings a couple weeks ago - SO CUTE!!  Drew was curious about them, but Wade absolutely LOVED them.  It took a few minutes for him to warm up and want to hold them, but then, watch out, he was chasing them all over the place.  Check out the pictures at the online gallery.  password is duck15.