Friday, February 25, 2011

Drew's Hat

So I have finally gotten started for real on my knitting.  Meghan got me an awesome baby hat book and all the supplies 2 years ago....and I finally got started a couple of months ago making a hat for Drew.  I just finished it and am (ahem) so proud of myself :)  I had a few trial runs, dealt with some dropped stitches, started over a few times, but it was so worth the time it took to teach myself when I see sweet little Drew in his cute blue hat that I made all by myself!  Next up (I think) is a yellow cotton beanie for Wade.  I want to try some new things, do some decorations on the hats, try new patterns and styles, I'm so inspired right now, I will need to jump right on my next project to keep my momentum and inspiration!  I'd like to teach myself to crochet next since there are some cute little decorations that you can crochet and then apply to a basic hat for lots more fun.  Am I brave enough to try a striped hat?  I have all summer to work on some of those for the boys - my goal is to knit them both a candy cane striped stocking hat for Christmastime.  That was the hat that I fell in love with that made me want to learn to knit in the first place :)

So without further ado, here is Drew modeling his hat this morning!! (excuse the spit up on the shirt!)

Friday, February 4, 2011

Going Green

Well, I made the leap.  I've been thinking about venturing into the world of cloth diapering for quite some time now, but finally decided that I would really give it a try.  After some research, I decided to go with the hybrid diapers - meaning I can use either a cloth (reusable) insert or a biodegradable/flushable/disposable insert.  I picked the gDiapers.  It's a bit of an investment up front, but a little less than the all in one diapers since there's a cover, snap in liner, and then the insert.  Usually if it's a messy one, it gets on the waterproof liner but spares the cloth cover, so we don't need as many of those.  So far, we have 4, but I'm planning to get 2 more.  I think I'm going to get some for Wade as well and start cloth diapering him as well in hopes that it will be a good step towards potty training...(fingers crossed).  Drew can always move up into the size L after Wade's done with them!!

So, what do I think?  I really like them!  I thought for sure I'd prefer the flushable inserts, but the cloth is actually not as messy or scary as I had thought it could be.  I'm thankful that Sarah, our nanny, was game to try it out with me on both of the boys.  And I really do think that they look so cute with their cloth diapered butts :)

Look how cute these are:

Rachel's Pictures

I know I posted the link, but I wanted to share some of my favorite pictures Rachel ( captured of the boys last month!  I was so excited to see the picture of me with the boys - I didn't realize she'd gotten one of me with them since I was trying very hard to coax Wade to sit on my lap with Drew so she could get the boys together.  We thought my legs would be in the picture as background, but it was such a nice surprise when I saw us all together.  Love. 

Even with his terrible twos attitude that day, Wade still talks about "Rachel" and the pictures.  Hopefully our next session will go well now that he knows her!!