Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Oh hello there...

Happy 2012 :)  So far this year, I have NOT  been blogging but I have been busy.  I've been running, err jogging really (a little), traveling (more than usual!), and working on projects around the house.  With the new year came an intense need for me to get things better organized, toss out the old junk stuff that is taking up valuable space in our ever shrinking (it seems) house, and prioritize our remodeling projects. 

The boys are doing great...little Bear just had his 15 month checkup (at 16 months) and is doing GREAT.  Our boys are growing right on track, but I swear the percentages get less and less each time we go.  They are not teeny tiny, nor are they giants, but 18th-22nd percentiles?  Really??  Our doctor's not concerned, so I'm fine with it.  But I wonder about these boys that are in the 90th percentiles.  They must be HUGE. 

Yesterday was a real Monday (we should just leave it at that, trust me), so I opted for a margarita over a run.  :)  So, back on the road for me today.  I squeezed in my run (jog??) at lunch today and was really loving the nice weather we're having today.  I had to stop and take off my jacket and was more than comfortable in my capris and tank.  It's January!  A running tank top?!  I'll take it.  I was S-L-O-W today overall, but it was funny that it was a real ebb and flow all 4 miles today.  I'd be strong for a half mile or mile, and then it would seem really hard to maintain my pace for a bit, then I'd break through again and feel strong.  By the end, I was dragging though.  I seriously think I was doing a major shuffle down our street looking like one of those people it hurts to watch jog because it looks so painful for them.  Yep, that was definitely me on the last 100 yards before I cooled down!  But, it wasn't just me; the dogs were dragging by mile 3 as well.  We're not accustomed to this heat ;)  Whoa 60 degrees! (I think it was probably closer to 70 in the sun, though)

In other news, we have decided to take a leap and radically alter our diets - we've gone vegetarian.  Well, I guess pescetarian since we are eating fish still.  Mostly all veg during the week, and last week we just had fish one night.  We decided to give it a try mostly for health reasons.  I was all for it since I've never been huge on eating meat anyway, but it's a learning experience to find new things to make for the family!  One can only eat so many salads and bowls of vegetable soup.  Thank goodness for fantastic sites like Peas and Thank You and Daily Garnish that are inspiring me every single day!!  Thank you for your delicious recipes and advice for making sure I feed my family right while we make this switch.  I am learning so much from you both!  :)

More soon - hopefully we'll have some fun home improvement things to show you over the next couple of months, too.  I'll be sure to come back more often with updates on feeding my family vegetarian (and some of our favorite recipes!), running (will get some races on the calendar soon...!!), and the fun we have with our boys.  Next post will have pictures, too, promise :)