Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Baby Food

Drew started baby food a couple of months ago now...we had a little interlude when he had croup where he didn't do anything but nurse, but we've been through rice and oatmeal so far (he likes oatmeal much more than rice!) and I have been trying different organic, store-bought foods.  I made most all of Wade's baby purees, but I wanted to try out some combinations with Drew, so I started with some organics from the store.

Well, today I made my first purees for the little bee.  I made sweet peas (plain), blueberry mango, and roasted pear/banana and froze them in cubes.  I had some extra pear/banana that didn't fit in our freezer trays, so I gave him some tonight for dinner.  HE. LOVED. IT.  Seriously, this was good stuff.  Easy-peasy recipe, too, from a new favorite site, Weelicious.  Even though he was a little overly tired, he couldn't stop looking for more.  I tried it while I was making it and it really is delicious (and made the house smell yummy while I was roasting the fruit, too...bonus!).  I'm thinking it might have to be a go-to topping for yogurt and oatmeal for the rest of us actually since I'm sure Wade and Craig will like it, too :)

I can't believe I forgot how easy it is to make baby food - I'm back on the horse again!  But for when we do eat on the run, I'm a huge fan of the little pouches (Plum Baby, Ella's Kitchen, Happy Baby, etc), especially since now boon makes spoons to screw onto the pouches for super easy on-the-go feeding.  Their foods are yummy and don't have any un-pronouncable words in them - just the fruit or veggie. 

All for now.  Bath time :) (Wade, not me)

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