Friday, July 22, 2011

The Heat Goes On...

Y'all, it is HOT!!!

I ran yesterday morning first thing before we headed off for a day at the waterpark with the boys.  I knew I'd be feeling super anxious about my training if I didn't get a run in yesterday, but I was definitely lacking motivation to get out in that humidity.  I was oh-so-proud of myself for sucking it up and doing it, though!

Slowed my pace a bit and took a couple walk breaks in an effort to be smart about it and all.  Next time I'm definitely bringing my water, even if I'm just doing a shorter run.  Poor hounds are going to have to stay home more with the heat - they just get too hot and dehydrated and I feel guilty for bringing them, even though they make such a fuss if I consider lacing up the running shoes and leaving them behind.  Whiners.

We had an awesome time at the waterpark, it was a perfect day for it!!  Bear and I were actually on the news - Suri Crow saw him in a little baby swing splashing around in the water and having a ball and fell in love with him (I mean, really, how can you NOT) and wanted to put him on TV.  
So we were on the 6:00 news last night in a story about the heatwave - we're all famous and stuff!

 My goal for the next couple of days (yay, weekend!!) is a short run tomorrow morning and then my long run Sunday at the crack of dawn.  I think tomorrow I'll probably take the double BOB and the faithful running dogs with me so hubby can sleep in a little.  He's out hootin' and hollerin' tonight :)  

I need to work on being better at hauling myself out of bed early enough to beat the heat (at least a little) and get my run in first thing.  Lately I kind of stink at that.  I need to get tough and let Bear work it out for himself and get back to sleep in the middle of the night, but I guess I'm so used to stumbling into his room, feeding him, and rocking him back to sleep that I'm there before I even realize!  That and I'm a super softie... 

Well, speaking of sleep, since I can, I'm going to take myself to bed now so I can get up for my run :)  Maybe if you sweet talk me you'll luck out tomorrow and get another sweaty post-run pic!!


  1. It is my opinion (and I am surely not alone) that you need to post a link to the news spot so we can see the celebrities for ourselves.

  2. Been looking, but I can't find the video online...