Monday, July 11, 2011

What I learned today

  1. My dogs cannot handle a midday run in the summertime (I only walked because of Beamer, honest)
  2. A kiddie pool with an inflatable slide provides hours of fun for a 2 1/2 year old and is a completely shrewd investment to entertain and wear out a toddler
  3. Sometimes it IS possible to have 2 kids in bed at 6:30pm 
  4. How to add an RSS Feed option to the blog so people can follow it in their reader (thanks, Jenn!)
  5. I must actually save pictures I find from the web to my computer rather than being lazy and doing a quick copy-paste :)  Oops, sorry if images haven't been showing up guys!!
  6. Even though he's only 2 and his tastes fluctuate by the minute, it still kinda hurts my feelings when W spits out the dinner I cooked and says "it's gross."
  7. I need a new computer that can handle photo editing and uploading :) (sorry for the lack of visual stimulation today, I'm having a turd-ton of trouble uploading pics from my camera, and darn if I don't have some uber cute ones of the boys to share!!  Soon, promise.)
  8. Will and Kate have left the country...

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