Friday, July 1, 2011

Okay, okay, I can take a hint...

Almost 3 miles / 30 minutes-ISH

Today's run just wasn't meant to be from the very start I think!  First, I woke up feeling a little punk again with the head cold or whatever.  But I decided I'd push on through that.  When I finally got out the door at 11am, it was already hot, but not unbearable, so off I went.  I had both dogs and the bee with me today.  Well, at right about 1.5 miles from our house, Beamer started pulling way back and kind of limping, but it was hard to tell.  I decided to take a walk break and check him out, then get back home.  Well, the minute I slowed our pace, Bee let me know that was NOT acceptable!  So I decided since he was just so sad (it was pretty heartbreaking, honestly, and not just because I'm the mom.  He has this whole sad cry thing down to an art already - and since he hardly ever cries, I pay attention when he does!) I would pick it up and just get us home since Beamer didn't seem to be hurting or limping while we were walking.

Well, another quarter mile (about) and the dogs are both BEHIND me.  This never happens.  They are usually right up with the stroller's back wheel, or even right next to the Bee's face (you never know when he might have food to drop I guess).  Walk - run - walk - run.  Another quarter mile or less and I bagged it.  Beamer started limping again and it just got worse and worse.  Took the short route home and took it slow.  Poor Bee had to be sad till he fell asleep with those little sobs that linger (you know what I'm talking about, right?).  I know he's tired since we're not sleeping well while he's cutting these teeth.  Today it looks like there's 3 just about ready to pop through.

So, once I got us all inside, I checked Beamer out.  Looks like he's got a pretty gnarly injury to the pad on his left front foot, poor guy.  It's literally peeling, like the callous is coming off . GROSS!! Yeah, that would make me limp, too!  Glad I took it easy on him and walked him home in the grass.  I will spare you a picture of the loveliness.  You are welcome.

Now gotta get Bear down for his nap before a work call...gotta fly!

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