Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Battling my way back to fighting form!

Yeah, not really lazy so much as still battling this cold and cough.  Since it went all respiratory on me, I gave myself some time off to sleep as much as possible with a teething 9 month old and active 2 1/2 year old!  I figure if it's hard to breathe just sitting here, running in the heat and humidity is NOT going to make it better.  Plus, with the yucky cough, I don't need to give myself bronchitis or something crazy like that... 

Anyway, with the holiday weekend (and my birthday, yay!) and being sick, the past few days have gotten completely away from me! After a day at the beach, I went to bed Saturday at 7pm right after Bear went to sleep (it was fantastic), we had birthday dinner and cake with both our families on Sunday night, and beach and BBQ with friends on Monday. Thank goodness I was feeling more normal by Monday to enjoy the beach and birthday festivities :)

Bear with JJ and DD

W loves quesadillas!!

Hubs, W, Mema at dinner

Cake love :)
I didn't bring my camera to the beach so no pics of me in a bathing big tragedy :)  Bear LOVES the water and sand and by the end of Monday, even W was running through the waves up to his knees and screaming.  Aaah-dorable. 

So, speaking of adorable, Pink's baby girl is so cute, don't you think??
Well, I need to get some food for us so we can eat the rest of the week and finish my workday up.  Hopefully tomorrow will be my return to the land of the running.  I have missed it, but after pushing myself (and the dogs) last Friday, I want to be smart about it...

Happy Wednesday everyone!!

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