Thursday, July 28, 2011

3 down, 1 to go...

I finished my 3 3-milers for the week!  Now just have my 7-7.5 mile run this weekend left to do.  I usually really enjoy my time to run, and I am still looking forward to getting out there for some "me" time, but it is tough with the summer heat/humidity just the same.  I went out at just after 7 this morning with the whole team - both boys and both dogs.  The air was thick, it was very hot, very humid, and I took it slow and settled into a nice pace.  I didn't have the Garm with me today since it was charging, and I also didn't want to think too much about pace since I knew I needed to just go slow and listen to what my body needed to do to finish the miles today.  One more run closer to my half marathon and marathon goals!!

Thank goodness for day 2 eye makeup today...totally did not have (or take) the time to beautify.  I came home, iced the shins (still feeling just a little lame for icing after only 3 miles, but hey, it keeps me going and that's what matters, right?), drank down 2 tall glasses of ice water, then had to hop in the shower, try to stop sweating through use of some major mind-over-matter, get W ready, and pack both boys up to take W to his first day of "school."  He officially starts preschool in September, but we decided to help him ease into it by doing a little morning program at a daycare up the street on Tuesday and Thursday for the month of August.  

Yeah, this is going to be a LOT harder for me than him I think - and harder for me than I even anticipated!  I slipped out once he started exploring his classroom since I didn't want to make it a big deal and have him get all worked up again, but I have some HUGE guilt for not kissing him goodbye and I've been compulsively checking the time, waiting for 11:45 when I'll leave to go get him!  I can't wait to hear how it went and give him a big hug :)

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