Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Ice, Ice Baby

Is it completely ridiculous to ice after a 3 mile run?  'Cause that's just what I did today - and it made a HUGE difference after today's run. I was SOOOO sore and stiff after finishing my short run today and after ice, an ice bath (yep, did both), and a warm shower, I was pretty much feeling back to normal.  Sweet!

W tended to me while I borrowed his Elmo boo-boo buddies to ice down after a hot 3-miler late this morning.  Tonight he brought me all the ice packs from the freezer, too.  He's such a sweet little dude.
Mama had a fun night out with the girls for margaritas tonight and now I gotta set the coffee pot for the morning and cart myself off to bed.
Another 3-miler tomorrow morning, then REST on Friday!  I'm taking the dogs with me tomorrow - just need to drag out of the house early enough to beat the heat for an easy run!!
We're headed to see Sublime and 311 tomorrow night - takes me back to high school and I. Can't. Wait. :)  That reminds me - I have to charge the battery in my "little" camera so I can capture the fun times in the 757 tomorrow night!!

Can I get a yee-ha?

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  1. "Lovin' is what I got!" Reminds me of high school and college days!