Thursday, October 6, 2011

Hey…remember me?

Well, it’s been a little while guys.  I’m sorry to have taken a little hiatus from this blog, but I needed to take some time to breathe and regroup.  I think I’m ready to jump back in now, though!!
So, to catch up on things, here’s what’s been happening with the team…

W started preschool 3 mornings a week last month and is absolutely loving it.  He loves his teachers and is excited to go and see his friends.  He’s doing so well with his potty, too.  Accidents are fewer and farer (?) between these days, although we are still doing pull-ups for sleeping.  Partially (ok, mostly) because mommy is lazy and doesn’t want to deal with changing the sheets all the time Winking smile
W Smiles
Bear is now a full-fledged walker.  He’s now trying to RUN, too.  He babbles a lot and is still such a little lover and gives lots and lots of hugs (yay!). He loves, loves, loves his daddy; sometimes no one else will do!  It’s the sweetest thing to see him starting to play more with W.  Nobody makes him laugh harder than his brother.  And this one, just like W and mommy, has a huge sweet tooth.  Particular weakness for Oreos, just like daddy…

Bear turned ONE on September 21 and we had loads of icing with a little cake to celebrate.  
Cupcake Hi

And we went to our favorite photographer friend, Rachel from RSutherland Photography for a little birthday session:
Happy Birthday Drew
(I guess he likes to wave! I didn’t realize till I uploaded both of these that he was in both!! Smile)

The fur kids are also keeping us on our toes.  Daisy was back in for surgery to remove some potentially malignant tumors last month and is recovering well.  Keeping both dogs from pulling at the stitches was a challenge; Beamer also wanted to “help” by getting them out of her.  So, poor little girl had to wear the Cone of Shame for about a week, pretty much 24/7.  I tell you what, once those stitches were gone, she was ready to GO.  Next up, later this month, Beamer needs his teeth cleaned…

I’m slowly easing back into my running routine.  It was a little hard to be away from it, but a much needed break for my body.  The dogs are pretty thrilled I’m back to it, though.  And the weather is pretty perfect for running right now…a nice welcome back for all of us!  We signed up to run the Wicked 10K here on October 29 and we think we might be an angel (me) and devil (hubs), and I am hoping to work a tutu in there somehow!  It will be our first time running it, so I’m looking forward to this one.  Good food and good beer after the race…always a nice incentive Smile

Hubby and I went to Blacksburg for the Hokies-Clemson game last weekend and it was so much fun!  We met some new friends, caught up with old friends, passed out some SpiritFingerz, tailgated, and even got to sleep in since the boys stayed with their grandparents.  It was a great getaway, and much needed!

I’m also working on my photography “practice” again a little more.  I hope to get a new, upgraded lens for my camera sometime soon but I’m practicing with the settings more again and getting the feel for it again.  It doesn’t hurt that I pretty much have the cutest subjects on the planet!!

Hold on to your hats…get ready for fall and lots more Team Collins updates!!
Bear Bday with W

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