Thursday, October 6, 2011

Live Writer and My Fave...Rockin Green

Couple of thoughts on something new to me and something that I can't get enough of...

I just started using Live Writer for my blog composing (although not using it now since this is a quickie...) and I am a really big fan of how easy it is.  Especially for inserting pictures!  I'm glad I've found it and am definitely going to continue to use it for most of my posts.  I am still getting familiar, so I'm sure there's more I can do with it that I don't even know yet!

And...another plug for my favorite detergent ever...Rockin Green!  I bought it initially for Bear's cloth diapers.  Then I found other uses for it around the house.  But when we washed a new Hokie tie dyed shirt we got for W and it bled on some of the other (dark) clothes, I decided to give "rocking a soak" a try.  You know you're a mom/housewife/getting old when the fact that it ERASED the stains on all but 1 thing and took it mostly out of the last thing is the thrill of the day.  

Oh yes, I was a happy girl!

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