Thursday, October 13, 2011

Displaying Kids’ Artwork

I’ve seen this done in lots of places and have been really wanting to create a display wall for W’s art now that he’s so into doing projects here at home and is bringing home cute things from school, too.  Since we have pretty much converted our old dining area into a playroom for the boys’ toys, I figured that would be the ideal place to do it! 

art wall

I took the boys up to Lowe’s to get the supplies – first I looked for some cute drawer pulls that I could use as the anchors, but didn’t find anything I loved.  So, I decided on some simple eye hooks and instead of silver picture wire, I used some clear line…(not sure what you’d call it, it’s not bendy like wire, and is much thicker than fishing line).  To be honest, the clear line was a real pain to work with and tough to get tied around the eye hooks.  But I love the end result.  I used some blue plastic clothespins for now till I can find some clips that are more fun (or paint some plain ones fun colors maybe).  I love how this fills up the wall and makes it so cheerful, and super love how proud W is to see his artwork on display in our house!

Gotta wrap up work for the day and go hang with some friends who just got to town, so I’ll leave you with this:  I saw this cuteness happening last night and it made me smile.  I grabbed the camera to capture it…

caught reading

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