Wednesday, December 7, 2011


So today, when several pieces of chocolate did not help my mood or anxiety (WHAT??! who am I?), I laced up my running shoes and headed out.  I knew I wasn’t going to get anything at all done and was just going to wallow in my stress and get more spun up if I didn’t do SOMEthing. 

Lo and behold, I felt better just 10 minutes into my run.  Some days, it is almost the moment I step out and turn on the iPod that I feel relief, but days like today, I needed a little more time to shake it all out.  I wasn’t sure how long or far I’d go when I started.  I felt like I needed to run for about 2 days to clear all the crap outta my head…but I settled for about 4 miles at a decent (for me) pace. 

As I was running, I decided I should jump in on Runners World’s Holiday Running Streak.  Basically, it challenges us to get out and run at least a mile every day between now and New Year’s.  It actually started on Thanksgiving, so I’m a little late to the party, but I can still get in a 26-day streak since I started today!  It’ll be good for me, and a mile is easy to do with just a couple loops around the neighborhood.  My faithful running companions will be grateful, too. 

Doggies Collage BW

My midday runs are great since I don’t need to push the double jogging stroller, but my time is limited since I need to get back to work.  My goal is to get to the place where I do a couple 4-6 mile runs during the week, 1 3-mile run to work on speed work, and then maybe a longer run on the weekend if I can fit it in.  Then start training for a half marathon after the first of the year.  My streaking is going to be a good start for that, huh??

Remind me when I forget…I NEED this time.  It makes me a happier, more patient, and more productive human being Smile  Um… hello New Year’s Resolution for me this year!!

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