Thursday, August 4, 2011

Pictures, schmictures...

Seriously, I finally got a new computer and I cannot figure out how to get it to recognize my camera to transfer pictures.  Really??  I mean, this should not be so difficult!

Anyway, I was trying to show you what I did yesterday on my run...but since I can't get the picture onto the new fangled computer machine, I will paint a picture with words for you :)  Wednesday is trash day here.  I was running down the main road where people put their cans on the little grassy median between sidewalk and road.  Invariably the trash truck leaves many of the cans tipped over and blocking the entire sidewalk.  Well, I approached one such tipped can and decided to go around to the left side (street side).  Daisy and Beamer were HUGGING my left side due to the road noise next to them and even though I thought I was clear, I just nailed the wheel of the trashcan with my right quad.  I let out a dramatic "Ouch!" but kept going.  I came home and looked down to find a softball-sized welt, half dirt, half bruise.  I'll get a picture of the battle scar up soon, once I can figure out my technology.

You can just call me Grace :)

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