Monday, May 3, 2010

No more bottles...

Wish us luck - we are attempting to take the bottle away!  Wade has been a little under the weather and the nurse recommended no milk till he was better.  So we decided to seize the opportunity and took his bottles away over the weekend.  He has only been drinking milk out of bottles and refuses milk out of cups. 

It's going...okay.  Wade isn't drinking any milk and I'm worried about that, but with all the bottles out of sight and packed away, we are hoping that he will start to forget about them.  He was only have 2 a day - before his nap and before bedtime.  I hope he will get back to drinking his milk!!  I am trying every sippy cup I can find for him!!!

Keep your fingers crossed for us!  I am willing myself to stay strong and not give in since I hate to see him so upset when I know what will make him feel all better.  :(

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