Thursday, July 9, 2009

Thankful Thursday

I'm going to try and do this every Thursday - list a few things that I'm especially thankful for during the week, or just during the day!

  1. Our home - I love our neighborhood, our neighbors, and our house. We have some big plans for some improvements, especially the bathrooms, so I can't wait! But improvements or not, we are very lucky!!
  2. A great run this morning - I wasn't too tired after all (even after waking up with Wade a few times) and got in a really nice run with the dogs while Craig watched Wade.
  3. My good dogs. They are sometimes a handful, but always goofy and loyal and fun.
  4. And of course, my 2 favorite boys - Craig and Wade. :) I love watching them together, and it's so awesome seeing Wade light up with he sees his Daddy!

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