Monday, February 15, 2010


Wow, so mid-February already!! We've had a busy month!
Wade is now 15 months old and quite the little talker. He's saying new words all the time - the newest one is "turtle" after our trip to the aquarium last Friday. He likes to "talk" on the phone and walks around holding it between his shoulder and ear chatting away.

We also got some snow!! We took Wade out in the snow for a little bit, but he didn't get to run around in it since he had hurt his leg at the park and was still recovering. He called it "bubbles" when the snow was falling and really seemed to like it! The dogs loved it, too - Daisy more than Beamer for sure. Beamer doesn't like to get his paws wet or cold, but Daisy could care less and chased her ball and dug it out of the snow and loved every minute of it! We actually threw the ball down our street for them to chase to really let them run off some of that energy from being cooped up inside so long :)

We hired a new nanny, too! Wade really likes Miss Helen and she has been great so far. Wade still goes to Mema's house one or two days a week and Helen comes 3 days a week to our house. We're very happy to have found such a good nanny that Wade likes so much! They go for long walks and have fun playing and reading together - Wade is really enjoying his books so much more these days, especially his alphabet books and anything about trucks :)

Craig is training for his next marathon - the Shamrock Marathon here in Va Beach next month. Wade and I are looking forward to going down to the Oceanfront and seeing him run! He did a 20 mile training run yesterday that I'm completely in awe of! WOW

Birthday dinner for Mema:

First trip to the aquarium and fascinated by the fish!!

Aquarium play date with Kari and Price!!

Williamsburg with Mama and Kelly:
Trying on Dad's shoes :)

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