Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Some cute things I wanted to share and remember from the boys lately...

When I tell Drew "I love you" he says "Too."  It's completely adorable. He is such a cuddle bug, and I just soak it all up!

Wade is also a little snuggler and wants to hold my hand all the time these days.  He's been staying up later (even when we try to get him to bed on time!) and came out the other night when we were watching a movie (no idea what, something we came across) that had a scary scene and we changed it quickly, but he said he wanted to watch the scary movie.  We told him we didn't want him to have a nightmare, and he replied "I want nightmares. I LOVE nightmares."  Over and over as if he didn't think we really believed him.

Drew has started pretending to sneeze.  Throughout this pregnancy, I have had a lot of problems with a stuffy nose that just won't go away and sneeze a LOT.  We're talking 20 times in a row.  Needless to say, he hears me sneeze all the time.  First he started saying "'scuse" whenever someone would sneeze, then he just started this week pretending to sneeze.  He and Wade go back and forth pretending to sneeze.

W has a new balance bike that he just loves.  He tears around on it and loves to go on bike rides all around the neighborhood.  We play red light, green light.  He calls the shots and tells me when it's red and green.  He's also been loving summer camp and especially this session since he is learning all kinds of new songs.  This kid LOVES to sing and even sings all the lullabies with me when we're saying goodnight.

Finally, there's nothing sweeter than seeing my 2 boys hug each other.  If Drew gets corrected for hitting or hurting Wade, his way of saying he's sorry is by giving a big kiss (sounds like MMMMMMMMMwahhhhh) and Wade is sweet about sharing with him.

So grateful for my 2 sweet, energetic, loving little boys!!!

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