Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Bird Dogs

We took the dogs down to North Carolina this past weekend for a Weimaraner Rescue Fun Day.  We had a blast!  Drew came along, and Wade stayed with Mema and PopPop for the weekend.  They had a great day planned out at Ross & Rosi's farm and taught the dogs how to hunt!  They had live quail for the dogs to learn with and both Daisy and Beamer got to get a taste of bird hunting.  Beamer was incredible - he took to it so easily and was a real natural bird dog!!  Daisy seemed to be a little more scattered and lost interest.  She wanted to go for the kill and didn't have the patience to track them down as well.  But she did find a couple of them.  I need to download the pictures from our camera, so stay tuned, pictures to come later today or tomorrow!  We got a few really good ones of Beamer on point.  I think we're hooked and will try to keep at this for Beamer at least!  Who knows, maybe we'll be inspired to enter him into some hunting trials and see if we can earn a Jr. Hunter award :-)

Other than that, we are nursing 2 sick babies right now.  Drew has croup and it's pretty awful.  I'm guessing he caught Wade's cold and cough, and that's how he ended up this way since his little system can't handle it the same, but I'm not sure.  We have been doing some steamy bathroom sessions to help him breathe easier and are running humidifiers all the time.  I've been sleeping with him, at first out on the couch, and then last night we had him in our bed with us since I don't want to be too far from him just in case.  I know that will be a habit to break, but it's worth it.  It comforts him to be close and he falls asleep against me listening to my heartbeat.

Here are some pictures!

Beamer on point:

Daisy in the field, heading out to find birds:

Us :-)

Hands Full...getting ready to head out

Our teachers all in orange
Breakfast. Biscuitville. Yum.

Tired baby...waiting for the master hunter demo after lunch
Tired Weims...watching the others in the field

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