Friday, May 27, 2011

Deep thoughts...

So most of the time I run with just the Weims and I find that I really enjoy that time that is pretty much to myself.  There's not a lot of time during the days that I have to just BE and that my mind is all my own.  I tend to get lost in my thoughts, even just about silly random things.  Yesterday, I just took Beamer with me since Daisy seemed to not be feeling quite right.  He was such a good buddy for me yesterday, very low maintenance for the whole run, just panted along beside me in the heat.  But I got to thinking back to Sunday's race and how much I liked running with Craig.  I think running with someone keeps my pace up and obviously it is more fun to talk to someone other than myself, but I also think it makes it easy for me to whine and complain when the going gets tough :)  Sooo...I decided that I'm going to really be careful about that when I have a human running partner!  No one likes a whiner so that's not going to be me!!

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