Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Ka-chow! Thunder thighs & muffin tops oh my!

4.22 miles - ~37 mins - 8:46 pace

I went for speed today.  It's all relative, but a sub 9 minute pace is fast for me, especially when I'm going more than 3 miles.  This is my fastest to date since having the Bee.  I'm trying not to be overly anxious about increasing my pace - I'll get there if I keep working at it!  I didn't have the Garmin today since it wasn't charged, so I checked the time on my way out the door and ran right in to check it when I got back.  Then I mapped my route and found out I did more than I even thought.  Love when that happens!

Anyway, I realized today that I need some new running clothes.  I'll get back into these cute little skirts soon enough if I keep training, but right now, I'm just too pear-licious for my skinny girl running gear that I was wearing before the bee.  Baby belly and muffin top were in full effect in today's outfit - my shirt kept creeping up no matter how many times I yanked it down, so eventually I just gave up and let it all hang out!  I even got a honk so I must have been looking super bootylicious :)  I wouldn't trade my 2 baby loves for anything, they are completely worth every roll and jiggle - I just need to update my running wardrobe to fit my lovely lady lumps.  Any companies out there reading (hahahaha) want to sponsor me???  :-)

On another note, I used my new compression leg sleeves today and they actually helped my shins during the run.  I can definitely see the merit in these, although I don't know if I'll end up using them during runs or after for recovery, gotta experiment with this a little bit.  Of course I got the pink ones...
I won't even tell you how many pictures I had to take before getting a non-creepy-looking self portrait.  And geez, can you tell we have kids by all the toys in the background? :)

Definitely need to work on the refueling, too - I try to keep coconut water on hand to drink after my runs (I am liking the mango flavored ones especially - from Zico at Trader Joe's) but have yet to eat anything for lunch even though I got back almost 2 hours ago...maybe protein shakes are a good idea.  I want to try out this stuff. Anyone have any other recommendations??

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