Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Running in Tights

May 6 - 5.11 miles – 49:29
Note this workout is from last week, I'm importing from another site to play catch up!
Running in running tights – something I’d never done till recently.  I just don’t think I have the legs for it.  However, I got some at Target a couple of weeks ago to try out and man if they aren’t really comfy to run in!!  I ran in them today for the 2nd time and love that they stay put without riding up and don’t chafe at all.  So what if they highlight my womanly pear shape?? ha!

Anyway, today was a good run…got to run with the gps today, and the dogs did really well.  I did my old loop through the cemetery (is that a little morbid? it’s quiet and doesn’t have traffic) but some old grump stopped me to tell me that “if i stopped to read the sign, i’d see that dogs weren’t allowed”  that made ME grouchy so i ran a little faster for a little while after that.  still working on getting my pace a little faster…some days I can run a 9 or 9:15 pace, but mostly I’m in the 9:30-9:45 range still.  The good news is, I am feeling really strong so 4 or 5 miles is getting to feel really pretty baseline for me.  Not bad for a former ballerina, eh?

Got a picture of the loyal dogs and me looking pretty rough post-run today.  It’s hard to get 2 dogs to sit still for a picture when they want the bologna sandwich on the counter.  Yes, my face really does get that red, no matter what.  It’s a lovely tomato glow dontcha think?

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