Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Race Recap: I Need a Lighthouse 5K

Update: official time for 5K was 27:42 - putting me in 9th for my age group.  Not too bad after all!!

I actually ran both days over the weekend.  Friday night I was itching for some exercise, so I planned to get up and run Saturday morning.  Hubster had soccer Friday night and got in late, so while he slept in a little bit, I took my party on the road.  Me, the double BOB with 2 boys inside having breakfast, and 2 Weimaraners that could pass for Great Danes.  I guess it's no wonder people give me a wide berth...I think I'd probably wonder if there was any way that show was under control if it was coming at me! :)  I'll get a picture of this spectacle one day soon, but will definitely need someone to take that picture since self-timer, 2 kids, and 2 dogs just don't mix well.

ANYWAY, yesterday morning was my first race back after having Bee...yes, it's been almost 8 months, but hey, I'm still not sleeping through the night since I'm a big softie with this one and can't seem to tackle crying it out.  The 5K was down at the oceanfront, an out and back course along the boardwalk.  It was gorgeous out and the event was fabulous for the kiddos, too.  W saw the 3 bounce houses set up and pretty much made a beeline for them and jumped to his heart's content.
Note W and C's matching lizard "tattoos" - bee clearly wants one, too!
I was excited to have a post-race donut myself!  C-dog had 2, as would I have if there'd been any more glazed ones left!  We all got some sun and were tired out after our morning at the beach!

There were about 500 participants, but they did a 1 mile memory walk as well so it wasn't all 5K runners.  A lot of people walked the 5K, too, it seemed.  No timing chips in this race, which was a first for me.  But we finished in a decent 27:41 I believe, so pretty good.  This race showed me that I definitely need to train for those times I want to stop! :)  I forgot my iPod, so had no music, but the best pacer ever, hubby ran with me and kept me going the whole race.  It was fun! - this was our first race we ran together AND finished together!  My sis in law finished 3rd in her age group so she got a little lighthouse trophy, pretty cool!
We'd do this race again next year - it was great to see a bunch of people we hadn't seen much (or at all) since high school there.  It really felt like a local reunion type of event.  The 2nd and 3rd overall male finishers we went to high school with.

Team Collins, extended:

I just love how in this picture Bee is reaching out for W.  Sweet brothers :)

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