Friday, May 13, 2011

One foot in front of the other...

6.01 miles / 1hr 2 mins

Yeah, not my best run today, but I kept going and did my six miles.  Just one of those days today - lots of side cramps and I must've been a little tense since I just couldn't stay nice and relaxed, but ohwell.  There's always the next run!  The dogs seemed tired today, too - by mile 5 Beamer was lagging behind a little.  I'm going to try for a "redemption" run one day this weekend.

So, in BIG NEWS around here - Bee has cut his first tooth, finally!  You can't really see it right now, but can definitely feel that little sharp thing.  Maybe that's why we got a better night's sleep last night - here's hoping we get a few good days before tooth #2 comes in :)

W has been super full of energy the past couple of days and his favorite playthings have been the dogs.  They actually WANT to go to their crates for a little peace after he chases them, pulls tails (bless Daisy for being very tolerant of his antics), jumping on them, and trying to ride them like ponies.  But it's so cute to hear him laugh at them for just being dogs!  W has been so sweet about making Bee laugh lately, too.  I love, love, love to hear my boys laughing at each other, it makes my heart smile!

Like my cute red gDiaper?

Happy Friday!!

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