Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Adventures in cloth diapering...some reviews

So those of you that have been reading for a while know that I started using gDiapers for the bee when he was a few months old.  I thought about cloth diapers with W, but never took the leap.  I have been loving the gDiapers and our nanny likes 'em, too.  Not only are the diapers awesome, but the company is fantastic and their customer service is unmatched.  They are so cute, too! I love 'em with just a t-shirt.  It shows off his pudgy little legs :)

I love that they offer both cloth inserts and flushable, biodegradable inserts.  We found that the cloth works great for us, especially since discovering their new gCloth liners
photo from gDiapers website

These are like thick toilet paper (kind of) and they just go right on top of the cloth insert to catch the poops.  Then when I change him, that part just goes in the toilet with the poo and the cloth goes into the bag till it's laundry time.  So easy!

I decided to do all my research up front before I started this adventure and it's paid off for me thankfully, as I've been so happy with my decision and feel like I've been very lucky to have not had a single problem with cloth diapering my little one.  With the cloth diapers, I found that it's best to use a detergent that won't build up (and of course isn't loaded with dyes and perfumes either).  I chose Rockin' Green.  I really like it, and would even consider using it for all my clothes, but it's a little more expensive than my current favorite from Trader Joe's.  This is great soap.  It has a great scent out of the bag, but rinses clean and doesn't leave behind any smell but clean.  Plus, I like supporting a small family-owned business!
photo from Rockin' Green's website
Rockin Green just came out with an updated formula - their Remix.  I just got a bag of it in their new scent, Earth Wind & Orchids.  Yummy!  I also ordered some of their Funk Rock to help with the ammonia.  We weren't having a problem with stinkies, but Bee was getting a little red bum from time to time, so I thought I'd give it a try to really deep clean.  I just rocked a soak on all my cloth inserts, did a treatment with the Funk Rock, and then washed them up in the Orchids.  They are drying in the sunshine right now.  The Remix formula really does seem to get out more stains than the original and the Funk Rock did help with the stains, too and made them smell fresher for sure.  (even though I didn't think they were my defense, I've had a cold!)

I just had to share about my happy cloth diapering routine.  Check out gDiapers if you've got a little bum to cover and Rockin' Green if you want a great detergent for sensitive skin!!  I'm a huge fan of both!

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