Friday, June 3, 2011

Things I Learned Today...

First of all, happy Friday!  It's been a good day all around - the weather was MUCH nicer and less humid, I (finally) got my run in, had a sushi lunch date with my handsome hubby, and I got a few things crossed off my to do list to boot.

Now on to the things I learned today while running...

  1. A week without running makes for hungry thighs, and hungry thighs like to eat running shorts...awesome.
  2. Kegels cannot be overrated, especially after 2 kids. No matter how many times I pee before I head out, I always seem to have to go (bad) about a mile into my run. 
Now that the boys are finally (maybe, W keeps popping up) both in bed, I am going to go paint my nails with my new blue polish and watch something trashy girly on Netflix since it's a sports night for my partner in crime.  :)

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