Monday, June 13, 2011

Happily Indebted to the Sopranos

3 miles / 25:20 / 8:34 pace

I ran on my own again today and it felt great.  The dogs seem to both be fighting some sort of bug, so I only felt a little guilty leaving them behind today.  I was able to work on my pace a little, which I've been wanting to do.  I only did 3 today since I have SO much to get done before leaving on my sister trip to Denver Wednesday AM.  I need to get groceries (after planning meals for my boys), and have several projects to finish up by tomorrow at 5.  Of course I'm also playing catch up on blogging since I didn't get to over the weekend. :)

Anyway, back to today's run.  I did my first mile at a 9 minute pace, not too bad for me.  I looked down at the Garmin when it beeped for mile 2 and holy cow I did a double take when I saw an 8:15 pace...unheard of for me!  I didn't maintain it quite that fast for mile 3 I don't think, but I did end up with an overall pace of 8:34, which is next to flying for me right now :)  Hopefully I'll get to where that's not such a rare achievement, but for now, I'm giving myself a pat on the back!  I actually repeated a song today - the Sopranos theme song.  It kept me at a fast pace and made me feel like keepin' on today.  I went back to it for the last quarter mile for a push to the finish and was really loving having that song on the playlist today!  Thanks Tony Soprano :)

I came back in, checked my email and made a post-run cocktail of coconut water and OJ...yum.  I ran in my new Champion empire top and love it.  I ordered one in light pink, liked it so much I ordered the other 2 colors available (it's on clearance here) in my size.  It covers my lil pooch from babies and still looks cute.  Seriously my new favorite running top, especially with my skirts.  It's always nice to go out running in a cute outfit I think.  Bonus if there's pink involved.  Just because I'm sweating buckets in the East Coast summer humidity doesn't mean I can't wear something pretty!  Don't I look fab? The makeup I've been wearing for 4 days is starting to wear sweat off, finally.  My spots are coming out with the sun I've been getting, too. 

Our weekend was INSANE.  We're talking 3 birthday parties in 2 days, 4 sand soccer games for the hubs, and a kegging of the homebrew.  Hubby made a beachball blonde that is delicious and kegged it on should be ready in a couple more days he said.  I might try some tomorrow before going to Denver...while doing my last minute packing of course (since I'm sure that's when I will do it! Serious procrastinator and therefore overpacker here.)

Before I sign off, some sweet pics of my dudes, well mostly of Bee since he's sitting, pulling up, and moving all over the place now...I'll try to post again before I leave, but won't be posting while I'm on my Colorado vacation.  I will take pictures, though, and have some mega-posts when I'm back :)

heh heh

my happy bean.

...and we're done.

love bug.

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