Thursday, June 2, 2011

Hello June!

How did it get to be June already?  It has been a fast week here since my last post.  Not much running for me, though.  We were so busy all weekend that I don't think I got one in, and it's been SO HOT here all week that we've been staying inside most of the time.  I think we're all battling allergies or a little cold or something, too, I haven't been feeling so great and poor Bee is super snotty/extra snorty.  So those are my excuses :)  Yesterday was apparently National Running Day.  I thought for a minute about going out for a short run to burn off the weekend of partying in honor of the day, but ... that just didn't happen.  87% humidity at 7am is just oppressive and not fun running weather to me.  I do need to get my lazy bones back out there though.  Time to get serious about half marathon training!

Last Saturday, we also got W his first little buzz cut - he looks like such a little boy (soldier?) now!  It is SO cute and I'm sure will feel better for summertime.  He went to the barber with C and sat up in the chair like such a big boy, climbed up all by himself and did GREAT.  I need to get a better picture - my active little one couldn't sit still for much more than a point and shoot right now :)

before...on Friday
after...this morning
 Bee is really into playing with all of W's you can imagine, W is not completely thrilled with this.  But he's doing a good job learning to share with his little brother.  I make sure to praise him a lot and tell him what a nice boy he is when he's sharing and being gentle. 
this kid loves cars and trucks.  seriously. LOVES.
 Bee seems to be working on cutting more teeth, but I haven't seen anything just yet.  He's always sticking his tongue out, though, it's adorable.  Those 2 little tiny white teeth he has are so stinking cute, I love catching a little glimpse of them when he lets me. 
quintessential bee
 An update on the sleep training we started with bee - I can highly recommend this method.  It has worked really well for him.  I know different things work better for different babies, but this makes sense for him.  No crying it out (really didn't work for him at ALL) and he is sleeping better and better!  We got pretty off track over the long weekend, but are getting back into the routine day by day.  After 4 days, he slept 11 hours for me and I was so refreshed!  The past few nights since getting off schedule, he's been up once to nurse at night around 3 or 4, then back to bed till 6:30ish.  Not too bad...I'll take it!  Hopefully we'll be in the 11-12 hour sleep zone again soon after another few days on schedule.
watching Lady GaGa on GMA...whoa, total fascination.
 We have a good time together just the 3 of us after C leaves for work and before Sarah gets here at 9 :)  Love my little buddies!
My cute little dubbie.

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