Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Mmm...Coffee and Protein, All In One!

Before I head off on my sister-vacay, I wanted to post this one last thing...a product review for you!  
The nice folks at CLICK sent me a couple of their All Natural espresso protein drink powder samples to try and review here for you guys.  If you remember, I talked about trying this as a post-run fuel last month I think.  Well, it came in the mail yesterday and I was so excited to rip into it and give it a try, but since it's got espresso in it, I had to wait till this morning (sigh) - I don't need any help around here staying up, or getting up, in the middle of the night, that's for sure! 
Hello Mocha!
Well, I decided to try the Mocha flavor first since I confess, I am a serious chocaholic.  I made it according to the directions for a cold drink first - just water and the CLICK powder in the shaker they sent, shaken well, poured over ice.  I went with the low end (12oz) of water first, and ended up adding the extra 2 oz.  It is definitely espresso, very strong espresso flavor, but delicious.  I am a big coffee wimp, though, so I ended up adding some milk to mine since I drink my coffee with cream ALWAYS.  And this is seriously yummy stuff!  On their website, they have a bunch of recipes for shakes (hot or cold) using the CLICK protein powder that I am definitely going to try. I also think this would make a great recovery/warm up drink made hot after a cold winter run.

I am going to save the vanilla latte flavor for after a run (probably when I'm back from Colorado) to test it as post-run refueling.  Even though I can't get out for a run today (boo!) with everything I've got to do before my trip, I still had to try it today and I think it's a great between meal snack, morning or afternoon pick me up kinda drink.  And one you can feel pretty good about since it's low-cal (120), packed with vitamins & minerals (23) and has 15g of protein to boot. 

Word of warning for those of you keeping your caffeine intake down - this is full strength!  I am about halfway through my drink and am feeling ready to take on the world!  I might have to save the rest for my afternoon sleepies :)  For now, it will power me through my spreadsheets and other work projects that need to be finished by 5...just what I needed for sure to get me through it all. 

If you want to try it, check out this sale on Amazon - 25% off
CLICK also has a BOGO offer on their sample packets on their website.  Just enter code SampleCLICK on the promotion code banner on the Buy Now page.

Happy CLICK-ing :)

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