Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Rested today simply because I couldn't get out to run.  I guess I still could, we'll see how the boys are doing after Sarah leaves today since both are a little extra tired and could use an early to bed day (me, too!).  Went to the eye doctor (took about an hour longer than I'd planned on...almost 2 hours there) and then had a lunch date with MIL and W and we released the butterflies she raised.  It was fun!  I'm aiming for an early morning run tomorrow...if I can manage a 5:30 wakeup, I think I'm going to just go then before everyone gets moving.  Definite early to bed for me so I have a fighting chance at staying awake that early!  Hopefully they'll all still be sleeping when I get back even (we can hope).  Reminds me, need to charge the iPod tonight.  I definitely need to run with tunes, it's the only way I don't think too much...thinking too much (or talking too much - yes, to the dogs) gives me a side cramp!  ha!

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