Friday, June 24, 2011

More Denver...and then some

Here are some more pictures from our sister-cation in Denver - from Friday's concert at Red Rocks :)  thanks MerMer!

On the way!

looking up from where we sat

sister pose

sister pose #2 - it got COLD and the wind was blowing like mad = watery eyes!

Not at Red Rocks, and taken after I left, but how cute is this??  I <3 it!!

Otherwise, I'm working on getting through today...had a L-O-N-G day yesterday driving to and from Sterling, VA for work.  It was about 9.5 hours of driving total with a meeting in between and I actually fantasized about running since between the drive and meetings, I was sitting so much (too much!).  But in reality, I am so tired today that I'm really actually quite worthless :)

I tended to our garden some this morning.  Our tomato plants are getting very top heavy, so I staked them back up and trimmed them a little.  All the while chasing W and Daisy away from them.  W likes to pick tomatoes, green or not, and Daisy also picks them to EAT.  I think she got at least 3 this morning before I chased her away and kept her away.  Hmmm, maybe that's why she has an iffy stomach occasionally.  I will 1) get a picture of her and her tomato habit and 2) check into if tomatoes are bad for dogs.  Anyway, after tending the tomatoes, I pulled weeds with a vengeance.  I was grouchy and that was a better way to deal with it than being grumpy around anyone else (dog or human).  We're all better for it now and the garden got a little TLC.

So besides the oppressive heat and humidity we're having, jet lag, work travel, and generally being uber sleep deprived, my other excuse for not running in a week is a new little decoration I got.  Want it to heal right and they told me no socks till it's healed.  I think it'll be good in another couple of days.  I could cover it in saran wrap, but...(see above reasons excuses)
Oh yes, I did.

So, who has good summer vacation plans and what are they??
We are thinking of planning a beach getaway, but haven't done that yet.  :)

What's a good summertime meal to take to someone with teens and tweens that has had surgery?
I need some ideas, please!

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