Monday, June 6, 2011

I wore them out...

5.66 miles / 58:28 / 10:19 pace (not too bad considering my many walk breaks!)

I think I finally did it...I took a run that wore both dogs out!  Well, "run" may be a stretch.  Today ended up being a run-walk since it is way too hot to be running midday.  But I did it anyway since I really wanted to and needed to.  I was happy just thinking about getting out for a run today.  I thought I'd just do 3-4 today since it was already 11:30 or so and you know, it's summertime.  But when I went outside, it was actually still really very pleasant!  There were a bunch of clouds (almost looked like rain) and a great cool breeze.  I felt awesome for the first 2 miles.  Then the sun came out and the dreamy run became hot, then hotter, and finally drenching!  I stopped several times for extended walk breaks - heat, side cramps, and by the end I started feeling badly about dragging the dogs along since I really did start dragging them a little by mile 4.5 or 5.  Yeah, it's the dogs I was looking out for...I could have run 5 more miles, easy! Yeah...that's it... :)  At least I got so dehydrated I didn't have to pee today, ha!

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