Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I believe in miracles...

3 miles / 26:28

Oh yes I do...not only was that the song I ended my run on today, but it truly was a miracle that I got out there today (see previous post about my flagging motivation).  I did my 3 miles at a little after 1pm today and it was hot, but not as bad as I feared, nor as oppressive as it's been out there recently.  I guess the weatherman was right this morning about the humidity being down and us getting a little break!  Anyway, I took the dogs and they really started dragging about 2 miles in so I was glad I was just going for 3 today. 
LOVE my shirt from SkinnyRunner!

After we got back inside, the dogs drank a ton of water and then just laid down on the tile to get cool and then passed out not to be heard from again for a little while.  Peace!  I got some good work done and didn't feel so very tired for the rest of the afternoon, a super relief!

Today's (short) run was another reminder about the importance of kegels, girls.  I am not kidding, I go to the bathroom at least 2 times before leaving on a run just to be sure, and some days I just gotta go again almost immediately.  I know it will get better (at least it did after W when I trained for my first half marathon), but if I can pass on one bit of advice today, that would be it :)

Now I think I'm going to take myself to bed with a couple magazines and try to get some sleep.  I hope, hope, hope that my little bear stays asleep for a while tonight!!

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