Thursday, June 9, 2011

I love my A/C

Yesterday's workout: 4 miles / ~38 minutes

You know how some days you feel like you just have it all together and you're so on the ball?  Yeah, yesterday was NOT one of those days :)  We'll leave it at that!

I have been working hard to get things done at work before my sisters trip to Denver next week (yay!!) and didn't get to blog about my early morning run yesterday.  I did 4 miles at was already nearly 80 with like 110% humidity (or so it seemed...), so I was a drippy (but happy) mess by the time I got back.  I stopped my Garmin when I had to wait to cross the road and forgot to start it back up, hence the estimate on time.  I kept up a pretty consistent 9:14 pace for most of the way, but slowed down towards the end of my run.  I think 4 miles in this heat is the most the poor dogs can handle.  It took them 2 days to fully recover from our hot 5.5 miles on Monday!

Anyway, today it was even hotter, with the heat index at 105.  One of those days where you can just SEE the hotness clouding the air.  I'm sure that means the air quality is fantastic, too.  I am SO thankful for our A/C, especially since it was on the fritz the past 2 summers.  We replaced the whole system last summer, which was a godsend for me being preggers and all.  Hot + pregnant = cranky!

Once the boys go to sleep tonight I'll post some of the pictures from the past few days.  Bee is pulling up all the time now and W is getting quite the little personality, talking in full sentences constantly.  Yesterday he counted his pee in the toilet - 1-4 and then to 14, 19, 17, 20-teen.  He can count to 12, but has really been into the teens lately!  And I think he officially has his first crush - on Jessie from Toy Story 3.  He is meticulously coloring a big poster-size picture of her and it's super cute to see how he smiles at it! 

Off to tend to dinner for my little dudes. 

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