Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I'm Still Here...Promise!

Sorry for my lack of posting the past several days...been battling a bad cold or allergies or something heinous and have been just making it through till the next opportunity to sleep it seems.  But I'm on the mend and hope to be back on the road again tomorrow for a run (the dogs and I ALL need it BAD) and will be posting some more pictures of my loves soon, too!

We're thinking of taking W to his first movie in a theater - Cars 2.  He's only 2 1/2, not sure if he will make it through the whole movie or not.   
Any moms or dads reading have advice for this?  Is he too young?

I saw that Jennifer Aniston got a tattoo recently - with her dog's name that passed away.   
I just got one on my foot as well, but it's 3 little stars.  I love my dogs like kids fo sho, but am not sure I'd get a tattoo for them.  Never say never, but I'm just not sure of that.  Maybe I could get a tiny paw print for each Weim I own through my life :) ha!  I do plan to own (or be owned) by Weims for the rest of my life.  I love these dogs.  They are like dogs, only human it seems!
Would you get a tattoo for your pet?  Who's got a tattoo?  What is it? 


  1. Tattoo looks cute :)

  2. Ha! I knew you would see Aniston's new tattoo! I think her dogs are her children, since she doesn't have any, so it's on par with yours. :) I might get one in memory of my pups...who knows.